Love of a Mother Kind – Maymie’s Story

by Andy Wood on February 22, 2008

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MaymieThis is Maymie’s ultimate love story. She holds her husband, Shannon, dear, but Maymie says their story doesn’t compare to the story of her children.The first time she got pregnant, Maymie and Shannon weren’t married. But they excitedly started planning and moving in the direction of marriage and starting a family. They set the date and made the doctor’s appointments. At the first appointment, the obstetrician wanted to do an ultrasound to see how far along she was and make sure everything looked good.

They excitedly watched the monitor.

There was no heartbeat.

The next day they went back, mothers in tow, for another picture, just to be sure. They got the same dreaded answer.

What followed were the procedures to “officially terminate the pregnancy.” “I am still appalled,” Maymie says, “that they call a miscarriage a spontaneous abortion. Because in my mind abortion means there is a choice involved.”

Not deterred, Maymie and Shannon continued with their plans. They were married a few months later, still planning on starting their family right away. “I cried on our wedding night,” said Maymie, “out of happiness for what I had and sorrow for what I did not have.”

A few months went by, and Maymie was pregnant again. With much nervousness, they went for the ultrasound early. At the first appointment, there it was – the “lightening in a bottle” they tell you to watch for! They got excited, and made the next appointment for two weeks later. The doctor noted that the first pregnancy was probably a fluke miscarriage, and probably would not repeat itself. But when they returned for the next ultrasound, that “lightening” was gone, and they got the same dreaded look from the doctor. They repeated the same procedure, and got the same reactions from family and friends the ones that “really don’t help to comfort you despite their good intentions.”

This time the doctor did all sorts of blood work and gave Maymie and Shannon a range of choices. She had a blood disorder, the tests showed, that could be treated with injections twice a day for the entire pregnancy and for a month after delivery. She was to start the shots with the first positive pregnancy test.

As always, as Maymie says, fertility was not their problem. She got the positive test and started the shots immediately. They went for the ultrasound and saw the “lightening.” But they couldn’t get excited yet. They went for the second ultrasound a week later, and there it was again. They were doing better – no signs of distress! Again the third week, the heartbeat was still strong. But on Thanksgiving Day 2000, Maymie “spontaneously aborted” the pregnancy.

This time, because of the way it happened, she did not have to have the procedures. She just went on with “living.” But it was a “living” filled with those awful questions – all the “what ifs” that no one really wants to think about.

Again, they sat down with the doctor to discuss options. This time the answer was different. This time the remaining options were to start the injections at ovulation, hope to get pregnant and see, OR to go to a fertility specialist before trying again. If they chose not to see a specialist, and instead decided to go with the injections, then injections would not be an option next time.

Maymie and Shannon trusted their doctor, so they chose to try her final option. She started monitoring for ovulation, and started the injections at the first positive sign. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, she tested positive for pregnancy again. “I can’t remember how many ultrasounds we did,” Maymie said. “I think once weekly for the first 12 weeks!” At that point, it was the longest pregnancy Maymie had carried to date. She began to allow herself to get excited. Shannon, on the other hand, couldn’t get excited, for fear of being hurt again.

At some point early in the pregnancy, Maymie had a dream in which she believes to this day God was showing her that this was the one, and that this would be a boy. She dreamed of a little boy getting off a school bus with three angels behind him. He was perfect.

Shannon finally came around. He got excited for the first time when he hugged Maymie and Kaleb – their son – kicked him in the gut.

Time has passed some, and here’s what Maymie has to say:

I am a proud mother of six children – three that I have been blessed to raise here on earth and three that I can’t wait to meet when I get to Heaven. My love story is long but there is nothing that can compare to the love I have for ALL of my children!

Thank you for letting me share this story with you. I love to tell people my story because I know there are mothers and fathers out there who have had the same experience and just need a shoulder to lean on! And to know that they are not alone!

You aren’t alone. Courageous women like Maymie will see to that, if you let them.

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