The Parable of the Highway Director

by Andy Wood on May 15, 2017

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A Reverent Retelling of a Familiar Story

Snowstorm Traffic

A Colorado highway director went out to see firsthand the aftermath of a sudden blizzard that struck just at the start of a holiday weekend.

Some vehicles had slid off the road into a ditch or snow bank. Without help they were powerless to move.

Other cars were on the shoulder. Their engines were still running for the time being, but they were not moving forward at all.

Some cars were in the slow lane, cautiously moving forward, but at a pace that made timely arrival at their destination virtually impossible.

Still other vehicles were equipped to drive in the fast lane – some going steadily, some quickly, some dangerously fast, but all headed for their destination.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


Hear now the parable of the Highway Director.

When anyone hears God’s truth and resists it, favoring instead his traditions or habits and setting his will against the truth, he loses all power to move forward and is trapped in his stubborn thinking. This is he whose car slid into the ditch.

But he who sits on the shoulder is one who cheerfully received the truth at first. But when the way became hard and the future difficult to see, he lost courage and now sits still, using up what energy he has, just to remain comfortable.

Now he who drives in the slow lane is he who hears the truth and receives it, but his mind is also consumed with lots of other possibilities. He is anxious about the weather and traffic, deceived into thinking he is playing it safe, and distracted by anything that moves, so he never quite seems to get where he is going.

But he who drives in the fast lane is he who, hearing the truth and bringing his vehicle into alignment with it, moves forward toward his destination – prepared for danger, but confident in the pathway that will ultimately lead him home.

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Martha Orlando May 15, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Amen! Fantastic retelling of this familiar parable, Andy.
Martha Orlando´s last blog post ..Pray!

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